Persbericht: FEBA leeft mee

Voedselbanken Nederland is lid van de FEBA, de Europese organisatie van voedselbanken. De FEBA  heeft de handen in elkaar geslagen met  Feeding America en The Global FoodBanking Network. Gezamenlijk roepen ze op tot hulp.  “Voedselbanken kunnen het niet alleen”.  Lees hieronder het complete bericht.

Dear members of FEBA Board of Directors,
on behalf of Jacques I send you the link where you can find the statement “The COVID-19 Pandemic is Deepening the hunger Crisis. Food Banks Can’t Do It Alone”.
I would like to draw your attention to the fact that this is the first joint statement signed by the three major international networks: the European Food Banks Federation, Feeding America and The Global FoodBanking Network.
Considering the current challenging situation, FEBA, Feeding America and The Global FoodBanking Network are calling for an urgent, strengthened and sustain action to support the activity of Food Banks globally.
As FEBA we are disseminating the document through our channels (website, list of journalists, newsletter, social media, etc.) to reach the widest audience and to call “our private sector supporters, corporations, foundations, and agri-food donor partners to stand with us in solidarity at this critical time”.
Please feel free to circulate the document through your contacts and to keep us posted.
Best regards,
Angela Frigo
Secretary General
European Food Banks Federation asbl
Chaussée de Louvain 775
B-1140 Brussels – Belgium
Tel +32 (0)2 538 94 50

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